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If you don't have the luxury of living near our stores, or if you don't feel like getting up, then get your Onyx delivered to your door. We offer three plans: weekly, twice a month, or monthly. Once you pick your frequency then choose which coffee you would like to receive from Geometry, Southern Weather, or Roaster's Choice. Geometry is our house espresso blend served every day at our stores. Souther Weather is our house drip blend. Roaster's Choice is a single origin coffee that changes up every week. Each time a coffee gets shipped out, we will charge you respectively. All of our coffee is roasted to order, so yours will always be fresh. We roast and ship our subscriptions coffees on Tuesdays.

The best part is the cost INCLUDES SHIPPING.

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(Prices displayed below indicate a subscription price, charged on a monthly basis.)


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Gift subscriptions are a great way to share Onyx coffee with friends, family, and loved ones! The gift recipient will receive a 12 ounce bag of your choosing each month for a full year (12 months).

* When purchasing a gift subscription, ensure that the shipping address you fill in matches the recipient's address and not your own.