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6 Reasons You Should be Buying Freshly Roasted Coffee for Your Business

by: Sarah Ivie

An amazing cup of coffee can make or break an experience for customers. People will often go out of their way to support businesses that purchase and serve fresh, high quality coffee – bonus points if it’s local and small batch! Your business will benefit substantially by purchasing great coffee for your customers, and below we’ve compiled a few of the top reasons why you should be buying freshly roasted coffee.


  1. Superior Flavor

Fresh coffee is better coffee. Beans have the richest, truest flavor within the first two weeks of roasting. Because beans oxidize and lose the gases and oils that create their delicious flavor, coffee will grow stale and lose its rich and complex flavor profile after that two week mark. Buying local, freshly roasted coffee enables your business access to beans that have been roasted to order – you will know exactly when they were roasted and the optimal time in which you should use them. This ensures that your customers will have the absolute superior flavor experience.

Let’s up the ante. What can improve the flavor of freshly roasted coffee? Beans that are roasted in small-batch, artisan style, like those from Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery, amplify the flavor profiles of the coffee. We roast with great care and attention to the process – from the moment the green beans hit the roaster to the moment they’re bagged and ready for you to enjoy. Each bean origin carries its own unique flavor profiles (nutty, citrus, floral, chocolate, etc.), and artisan roasting is the absolute best method for bringing out those defining qualities.


  1. Enhanced Aroma

The sense of smell plays a significant role in the tasting process, and the enhanced aroma of freshly roasted coffee can positively affect your customers’ entire experience. The fresher and more high quality the roasted beans, the more potent and rich the aroma of the coffee. Why is this important? Numerous scientific studies show that the aroma of coffee triggers the production of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins send signals to the mind and body that produce a sense of well-being, calmness, and joy. As such, before your customers even taste the superior flavor of freshly roasted coffee, they will experience the therapeutic effects of its aroma.


  1. Health Benefits

Coffee has an astonishing amount of health benefits, which are amplified by using freshly roasted beans. A myriad of recent scientific studies underscore the benefits for coffee drinkers in multiple systems of the body, including muscular, immune, digestive, and cognitive.

Caffeine has a proven effect on physical endurance. It helps the body regulate the production and usage of insulin, resulting in higher energy efficiency. In addition, caffeine increases plasma-free fatty acids in the body, which enhances muscle contractions and performance.

Drinking coffee also has a significant link to higher cognitive functioning. Caffeine increases the neurological system’s sensitivity and improves the fluidity in neurotransmitter interaction – in short, drinking coffee makes us smarter and more alert. Studies show it gives us: longer and clearer focus, the ability to multi-task efficiently, increased recognition, as well as a significantly improved ability to hear and process auditory input. As if all of this wasn’t enough, many recent studies show linkage between caffeine consumption and a lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and dementia.

Caffeine increases the body’s ability to metabolize and burn fat by as much as 29%, and because of its ability to help the body regulate insulin, coffee drinkers are at least 14% less likely to develop Type II Diabetes (some studies suggested an even greater reduction of risk).

The antioxidant quality of coffee may be well known, but it is, in fact, the greatest source of antioxidants within the common Western diet. Coffee consumption, therefore, increases the health, functionality, and regeneration of cells within the body, which in turn, keeps us healthier and stronger. In addition, one 8-ounce cup of coffee is rich in B-vitamins and minerals: 11% B2, 6% B5, 3% manganese and potassium, 2% magnesium and niacin – all heart-healthy necessities! These benefits are at their best when the coffee is freshly roasted with no added ingredients or processing materials.

You and your customers will reap the health benefits of choosing fresh, locally roasted coffee.


  1. Unique Quality

Purchasing freshly roasted coffee ensures a unique, consistent quality of product. Most coffee purchased in bulk or on the shelves of a retail store is old, likely having been roasted (and, in many cases, ground) months before its purchase. In addition, that coffee consists of the cheapest available beans and roasted in large, automated batches without attention to detail, meaning it is likely over-roasted or even burned.

What does it mean to have freshly roasted, local artisan coffee? When you purchase from Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery, it means several things. All of our beans are fair-trade, sustainably sourced, and many are organic. We choose beans based upon their quality and flavor profiles. Our beans are subsequently artisan-roasted in small batches by a skilled roaster. A fine attention to detail dominates our entire roasting process to ensure the highest quality and consistency.


  1. Superior Service

At Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery, we are as passionate about our customers as we are about great coffee. With a staff that is trained to ensure the absolute best coffee experience, we strive to meet the needs of our customers on a specific and individual level. What does this mean? In short, we promise not only consistently superior coffee, but excellent customer service.

In addition, ordering freshly roasted beans from Brown Sugar Coffee allows for a few amazing perks. First, we love working with our wholesale customers to create a customized roasted blend that is unique to them – meaning you can have your own blend of coffee that your customers can’t buy anywhere else. Second, we roast to order – meaning you can order as much or as little as you need, when you need it. This ensures that your coffee supply is always fresh, always high quality. Third, making community connections is one of our highest priorities and favorite things about the business. We support and refer our customers to local businesses like yours as much as possible. We believe that local is better and small businesses can and must support one another to make a difference in the community.


  1. You’ll Enjoy Your Coffee More – and So Will Your Customers

The proof is in the cup – freshly roasted coffee tastes better, is healthier, and more beneficial, and it promotes community in a fantastically unique way. At Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery, we believe that quality counts, and we promise you’ll enjoy our artisan-roasted coffee more than any other coffee, and we know that your customers will appreciate the difference, too.