Hand-Crafted Drinks
Espresso Shot - 1.75
our espresso is deep, dark, and blended to perfection and will leave you with a lingering aroma and rich flavor
Cappuccino - 2.75
espresso with steamed milk, topped with a rich layer of foam
with less milk than a latte, our cappuccino offers a stronger espresso flavor and a divine texture
Con Panna -  2.75
Italian for "espresso with cream", this espresso drink is topped with a rich, silky whipped cream which brings out the caramelly flavors of our delicious espresso
Maracchino - 2.95
only found in certain parts of Italy, this drink has espresso with a hint of chocolate mixed in, filled to the top with foam, and topped off with a layer of sweetened cocoa powder
Americano - 2.00
espresso topped with steaming water, making this a deep, dark delight
Signature Mocha - 4.50
two shots of espresso blended with delicious chocolate and filled to the top with creamy frothed milk - a chocolate and coffee marriage made in heaven
Caffe` Latte  - 3.50
rich, full-bodied espresso blended with creamy frothed milk
Caffe` Freddo - 2.50
this shot of espresso is shaken with ice and forms a refreshing taste of caramelly, rich goodness
Shot in the Dark - 2.50 
a delicious shot of espresso filled to the top with fresh roasted coffee
Black Eye - 3.00
two delicious shots of espresso filled to the top with fresh roasted coffee
Pour-Over - 2.50
steaming water poured over fresh roasted coffee grounds, which makes this drink uniquely yours
House Coffee - 2.00 (includes one refill)
Our delicious fresh roasted coffee that will leave you never wanting any other coffee
Chocolate Stout - 4.50
a house favorite that combines three shots of espresso, along with hazelnut, caramel, and chocolate flavoring over the top of ice - simply delicious
Tea - cup: 2.00   pot: 4.00
delicious, prize-winning loose leaf teas that are aromatic and flavorful
Chai Latte - 3.50
tea and milk blended together to make a harmonious, smooth drink
Non-Coffee Drinks
White Velvet -  3.50
smooth, creamy milk steamed with cookie spices - a treat for sure
Almond Satin - 3.50
smooth, creamy milk steamed with almond and cinnamon - a sophisticated steamer
Hot Chocolate - 3.50
smooth, creamy milk blended with deep, rich chocolate and topped with silky whipped cream
Italian Soda - 2.75
any flavoring you want blended with ice and sparkling water - refreshing!
Neopolitan - 3.50
milk and ice paired with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavorings, just like the ice cream!



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